Personal Development

The Unitive approach to personal development is a journey that we share with you, in which you can explore each and every aspect of your true potential as a unique human being – your intuition, your emotions, your rational decisions and your perception of the world around you. We aim to walk with you along your road in life and in your personal development, not by telling you what you should be doing, but by guiding you in your discovery of your true, authentic path.

The core philosophy of the Unitive approach to personal development has evolved over the past three decades from the original work of Charles Bentley PhD in humanistic psychology and his many years experience in the field of human potential. It is now well established and recognized world-wide by many individuals, organisations and institutions. Our approach is highly regarded for its effective service and professional yet friendly approach. We are also well known for our wide range of personal development courses, including life coaching, and we continue to update and to tailor our services to coincide with each client’s specific requirements.

All of our personal development courses and services have the specific aim to facilitate you to become aware of your unique potential and for you yourself to become the world’s expert on that which you truly are. Our Unitive life coaches will take you on your journey of self-discovery, working with you personally and tailoring and adapting their service to your individual needs.

Our Unitive personal development coaches will not focus your mind on achieving pie-in-the-sky fantasised goals, but will help you discover your true vocation and purpose in life. If you are looking forward to living a personally fulfilling life, we are dedicated to work with you. We will act as professional guides and mentors, as we have done for our many and varied clients since our inception.

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